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Life can be slow and sweet or fast and fun, depending on where in New Orleans you go. On the Bayou celebrates the best parts of this beautiful southern city: a rich history, Cajun food, jazz music, and the bayou itself. The unusual color palate calls to mind a steaming bowl of gumbo: subdued pinks and greens, a splash of blue, and a pop of bright red. The patterns and elements are a fun blend of different scrapping traditions, running… Read more »

Some days, life gets a little hairy; other times, we just need to walk on the wild side. Whether you just got back from the safari park or life at home is a bit like living in the zoo, you can make the perfect pages fast with Where the Wild Things Are. This fun, animal-inspired kit has everything you need to make a wild page. There are plenty of trees and greenery, a man on safari, thematic word art, tickets,… Read more »

October 31st is a day of mischief and sweetness as kids (and adults) put on costumes and go door-to-door, trunk to trunk, or to Halloween parties. Scrap the fun of Halloween with Witches' Night Out. This classic Halloween kit adds pops of teal to the traditional holiday color palette – black, orange, purple, and lime green. Lori & Heidi's fun twists don't stop there. Traditional elements like witches hats, boots, brooms, and potions, spell books, cauldrons, frogs, and crescent moons… Read more »