Here are the great deals the Scraps-N-Pieces have for you. Scraps-N-Pieces has, The Oregon Coast.  KIT HERE and QPS HERE Gingerscraps, The Mouse and His Friends , KIT HERE and QP’s HERE MyMemories  has, The Orient, HERE and On This Day, HERE

Here is the “Run-Down” for our $2.00 Tuesday sales… Scraps-N-Pieces, previews linked. Gingerscraps, previews linked. And, My Memories, previews linked        

Here are our selections for $2.00 Tuesday… Previews are linked. Scraps-N-Pieces has, The British Isles, kit and QP pack At Gingerscraps we have, The Dakotas, kit and QP pack   And at My Memories we have, Tell Me The Stories and Beach Combing collab.  

Are you ready for, Scraps-N-Pieces, $2.00 Tuesday selections??  Previews are linked. At our Scraps-N-Pieces store we have, A Taste Of India, kit and Quick Pages. Over at our GingerScraps Shop, we have , Tea For Two. And, at MyMemories, we have, Take Down & Seedin And Weedin.

Are you ready for our $2.00 Tuesday selections? Scraps-N-Pieces has, Step Right Up, kit and quick pages.  Previews are linked. GingerScraps we have, Stronger Than Yesterday, Kit and Quick pages.  Previews are linked. And at MyMemories, Tag Em and Bag Em kit & SNP Collab, Prince Charming Kit.  Previews are linked.

Scraps-N-Pieces has, Splat-Ping-Pow, kit and quick pages for $2.00 At Gingerscraps we have, Starting Fresh, kit and quick pages. Then head on over to MyMemories for, Start Your Engines kit and QP pack  

Are you ready for our $2.00 Tuesday selections???  We have, ROCK ON, kit and quick pages for you at our Scraps-N-Pieces store. PREVIEWS ARE LINKED Then head on over to our MY MEMORIES store and grab, Awesomesauce and Let’s Get Crafty, for $2.00 each also.

For $2.00 Tuesday this week we have Running the river over at SNP and Croquet Anyone & Everyday Heroes over at MyMemories.  Previews are linked for purchase.  Have a great day!

Scraps-N-Pieces store has, PASS SET KILL, on sale for $2.00 each.  Previews are linked. And over at My Memories, we have, WHAT A RACKET & COMING HOME, also for only  $2.00 each.  Previews are linked.